Attention Online Marketers & Business Owners: Creating Professional Graphics has Never been Easier

Create Scroll-Stopping  Social Media Graphics in a Matter of Minutes without Relying on a Graphic Designer or an Expensive Software..

..By Getting Lifetime Access to SM Design Pro – A Collection of 1150+ Done For You MS PowerPoint Editable Templates

(Templates are Evergreen & Customizable to your Niche & Brand)

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Create Mesmerizing,  & Hyper-Engaging Graphics for Social Media using SM Design Pro in 3 Easy Steps..

Step #1: Choose one of the hundreds of templates that we have provided in the bundle.

Step #2: Edit the template based on your product/service by changing the picture, color, text in a few minutes.

Step #3: Click the “Save As” option to export the design to JPEG or PNG format. And voila, the banner is ready to be posted!

Instantly Replace Expensive & Complex Graphic Design Tools & Apps.

Let’s face it. Not everyone can design. Although there are many software & design applications in the market, there are still many who need products that are practical & easy to use.

On the other hand, not many people know that MS PowerPoint can be an alternative and powerful design tool.

With SM Design Pro, now designing in PowerPoint can be done super easily by everyone without the need of learning Photoshop or Illustrator.

Why you Should Invest in this Mega Collection?

1150+ Professional Looking Design Templates (In PPT Format)

✓ Create Jaw-Dropping Visuals In Minutes

✓ Use Them For Social Media Branding or For Advertising Purposes

✓ No Prior Design Skills Required

✓ Pay Once, Use Forever (Lifetime Access)

✓ No learning Curve

All The Templates Are Fully Editable In PowerPoint (Just click to edit!)

✓ Designs that are easily customizable for all niches

✓ Skyrocket your Social Media Engagement, Generate A Ton Of Clicks, Leads, Sales, & Profits.

✓ Elegant & Colorful Templates

Stop Relying On Sluggish & Over Expensive Graphic Designers

✓ Unlimited Commercial License Included: Create Stunning Designs for your clients as well

✓ Ditch Expensive & Complicated Graphic Design Tools. Because SM Design Pro Does It All..

✓ No More Graphics Your Audience Hates

Creating Professional Graphics Comes With A LOT Of Hiccups

But Not with “SM Design Pro”

Without SM Design Pro

With SM Design Pro

Hiring/Outsourcing to Graphic Designers Costs a Fortune

Save Money & Replace your Designer With 1100+ Pro Quality Templates to Create Scroll-Stopping Graphics

Creating Professional Graphics Yourself Needs Skill

No prior design experience needed. It’s 100% beginner-friendly

Learning Complex Apps Involves a Tiresome Learning Curve

No learning curve at all. If you Know how To use a mouse, you can create eye catchy Graphics with just a few clicks & taps. It's that Simple!

Finding professional Niche-Based templates is difficult & time-consuming

Comes generously loaded with professional templates in every possible niche you can think of

You need To Rely on your Intuition & Guesswork

Sell the Graphics you Create & Keep 100% of The Profits

Look, How much Designers are Charging for Social Media Graphics

(Zoom in for Clarity)

As you can observe in the above screenshots, Graphic designers charge minimum of ₹250 just for one social media graphic. So for 1150 designs it is ₹ 3,12,000. And even if you consider a bulk discount of 80% it comes to ₹ 57,500!!

Now just think about the savings you could make by grabbing the lifetime access to SM Design Pro that gives you instant access to 1150+ evergreen graphic templates for just ₹ 1299 one time price – You get to save thousand and even lakhs of rupees over the period of time. Plus the templates are customizable to match your niche & brand with just a few clicks.

Normal Price ₹57,500. Price Right Now Just ₹1,299 (97.7% OFF!)

>> Pay Once & Use Forever <<

Seeing is Believing: Here’s A Glimpse Of How The Templates Look Like

Social Media Square Templates

Total of 600 Templates

Autoresponder Email Swipes
Autoresponder Email Swipes

Social Media Story Templates

Total of 200 Templates

Carousel Social Media Templates

Total of 20 Templates x 5 Carousel Swipes = 100

(Zoom in for Clarity)

Social Media Content Carousel Templates

Total of 28 Templates x 5 Carousel Swipes = 140

Instagram Grid Puzzle Templates

Total of 14 Templates x 9 Designs (Grid) = 126

Attention is The New Currency, But How Do You Capture It?

Ladies & Gentlemen, Let’s face it – Marketing on the internet is getting super tough. There’s cut-throat competition. Your prospects are super-distracted & have a ton of options to pick from (like never before). So the burning question is – How do YOU effectively cut through all the noise & capture their attention, trust & wallets?

The Solution?

By creating professional, scroll-stopping graphics that knocks your audience’s socks off..

You see, the equation is simple.

Jaw-dropping graphics = Attention = Clicks = Engagement = Trust = Conversions ($$$$)

The vice versa is true as well.

So DON’T spend weeks & boatloads of cash creating Social Media graphics from scratch. SM Design PRO takes care of everything, just with a few clicks & taps.

Whether you’re creating Social Media graphics for your own brand or for your client, it has never been faster, easier or more affordable than this.

And YOU Get To Own This Product for LIFETIME!!

Normal Price ₹57,500. Price Right Now Just ₹1,299 (97.7% OFF!)

SM DESIGN PRO Is Perfectly Suited For..

✔ Social Media Marketers
✔ Digital Marketers
✔ Time-Crunched Business-Owners & Entrepreneurs
✔ Serial advertisers & Ad Consultants
✔ Social Media Influencers
✔ Agency Owners
✔ Marketing Freelancers
✔ Bloggers & affiliate Marketers

Here Are Five Stupid-Simple Ways to Profit with the Social Media Graphics you Create using SM DESIGN PRO..

Drastically Shed your Advertising Costs

It’s no secret that attention-grabbing graphics reduce the CPMs & boosts CTRs, Conversions, & Revenue.

Edit & Sell the Designs for 100% Profits

Start your own side hustle by selling the Graphics you create using SM Design PRO at top dollar. PS: You can sell the designes you create, but not the templates itself.

Give Your Brand Exposure a Boost

Never run out of jaw-dropping graphics to put in front of your prospects to turn them into paying customers.

Generate Attention Like there’s No Tomorrow

Eye-popping graphics scream attention & get hammered with likes, shares and clicks. Needs no explanation!

Convert Attention to Trust & Trust to Cash

Creating & publishing your eye-catchy graphics on relevant Social Media Sites/Advertising Platforms can drive tons of hot traffic,  FREE leads, & sales to your bank account!

Get The SM Design PRO with Lifetime Access & Commerical Rights



[A Small One-Time Payment]

(Comes with Lifetime License)

Your Questions Answered

Why PowerPoint?

We wholeheartedly believe that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Each tool you add in your arsenal should make your life easier. And Powerpoint certainly eliminates the bells & whistles associated with most graphic designing tools. It is perhaps the most underrated & underutilized tool for graphic designing/editing.

So much Value at such an Affordable Price.. What’s the Catch?

There’s no catch whatsoever. Since the templates are Powerpoint based, we don’t incur server costs at all (Unlike most overpriced & complex design tools). Hence the super-affordable price.

What Niches does the SM Design Pro Cover?

All possible niches you can think of including Accessories, Baby & Kids, Gadget, Men’s fashion, Women’s fashion, Toys & Hobbies, Beauty, Cosmetics, Food & Beverages, Shoes & bag, Travel, Furniture . Didn’t find your niche in this product? Don’t worry, all these templates are suitable for ANY product/industry. You just need to edit (customise) as necessary, with a few taps & clicks.

Is it a One-Time Payment or is it monthly?

It’s a one-time payment with lifetime access

Do I need prior Graphic Designing Knowledge to use this?

Absolutely NOT! With Just a few clicks & taps, you can pump out eye candy graphics. It’s that simple!

Are these Templates Social Media Friendly?

A big YES. All the templates are well-researched, 100% unique & professionally made to ensure that your audience falls in love with them.

Do I Need a License Key?

NO, you don’t. Once you’ve made the payment, you get an email (within 10 minutes) with download details. You need to download the templates to your laptop/desktop and edit them using MS PowerPoint.

Is there any Hidden Fees?

Absolutely not! Once you get in, there are no extra fees/hidden charges. Ever.

What is your Refund Policy?

It is not possible to provide a refund as it is a digital product and revoking the product is impossible. If you are not satisfied with the product, please do contact us on and we will try our best to help you make best use of the product.


Comes with Lifetime License

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