15 Follow Us Canva Editable Templates


Introducing our brand new Canva templates kit for the “follow us” theme. Promote your business social media accounts with these sleek and modern templates.

Perfect for any business size, these templates will help you create eye-catching posts that encourage your customers to follow you across different social media platforms.

With an array of vibrant colors and easy-to-edit layouts, these unique templates will give you the perfect way to reach your desired audience. Optimize your social media presence with these eye-catching designs today!


This Canva templates kit has 15 designs to create amazing social media posts for cross promotions, encouraging your customers to follow you on different social media platforms.

The templates are designed to be used on multiple platforms, enabling you to increase your reach and promote your brand across multiple networks.

You can easily customize the designs using the Canva free version to match them with your brand’s style and colors, as well as imagery, icons, and fonts. Make your brand memorable and increase your followers with this comprehensive kit!

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15 Follow Us Canva Editable Templates
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