57 DFY Instagram Carousels on Stock Market


With our “DFY Stock Market Instagram Carousels” kit, you’ll get instant access to Canva carousel templates on the stock market.

These templates are designed to save you time, money, and effort while publishing eye-catching and engaging content on social media.

With minimal effort, you can use these templates to create beautiful carousels that will help grow your audience and engage with potential clients.

You get a total of 8 carousel sets and below are the content of the carousel designs:
1. 10 Golden Rules of Investing in Stock Market (2 parts)
2. 10 animals of the investment world other than bulls, bears that you don’t know about (2 parts).
3. 4 Tips for diversifying your portfolio
4. 5 Steps to choose the right Mutual funds
5. Six major factors that affect a share price
6. Six rules for investing in penny stocks

Check the preview of the DFY Instagram carousel designs before purchasing.


Are you a stock market advisor or trainer? Looking for a way to engage and grow your audience on social media? Then this kit of Instagram carousel templates is for you!

Our “DFY Stock Market Instagram Carousels” gives you instant access to Canva carousel templates on the stock market, which you can publish on social media with minimal effort. The kit helps you save time, money and effort along with publishing eye-catching, engaging content.

The link you receive after purchasing allows you to import the designs into your Canva account. In just a matter of minutes, you can easily add the logo, URL & other relevant details, and your design will be ready for you to download & use on your social media channels.

So why wait? Get this kit today and start growing your audience on social media!

Product Details

Number of Designs: There are 57 design slides in total – categorised into 8 carousel sets.

Size of the designs: All designs are 1080 x 1080 – perfect for Instagram and Facebook.

Design’s Format: The designs are in Canva format. You need to import them into your Canva account to edit & match the design as per your brand.

Product is Perfect for:

✅ Stock market advisors, trainers and businesses in the investment & stock market niche
✅ Social media marketers
✅ Freelancers & agencies with clients from the investment & stock market niche
✅ Stock market & wealth Influencers
✅ Investment & stock market niche bloggers

Why should you get this?

  1. Save time⏰ & effort with these DFY carousel designs.
  2. Carousel posts help you connect & engage with your audience🧒👨
  3. Grow📈 your social media audience.
  4. Increase reach & visibility👀.

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