How to make Text Vertical in Canva?

Vertical text in Canva refers to text that is oriented vertically, rather than horizontally, on a design canvas. This can be useful for adding visual interest to a design, highlighting a specific piece of information, or creating a unique design layout.

In Canva, there are two ways to create vertical text. Let us understand both methods of creating vertical text in Canva.

Method 1: Use the rotate function to turn a horizontal text box 90 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise. To achieve this, select the text box, click, and hold the rotate icon that appears adjacent to the text box selected.

how to write text vertically in canva

Now rotate the text box 90 degrees clockwise or anticlockwise based on how you need the vertical text.

how to write text vertically in canva

Method 2: This method uses the squeeze feature of the text box. Let us understand this method in detail.

1. To begin with, open any of your Canva designs in which you want to add vertical text or create a new one. For this tutorial, we have used one of the DFY Canva templates related to sales.

how to make vertical text in canva

2. Now, add a text box by using the “Text” option at the left side editor panel.

how to make vertical text in canva

3. Type your desired text in the text box and customize the font, size, etc., using the top toolbar. Move the text box within the page appropriately.

how to make text vertical in canva

4. Select the text box to see a small rectangular holder at the text box’s border. Click the holder and squeeze the text box to reduce its horizontal width.

how to do vertical text in canva

5. As you see in the screenshot below, the text box is now converted into a vertical format with letters one below the other.

how to do vertical text in canva

6. Now select the text box and click the “Spacing” option to modify the letter and line spacing as required.

how to add vertical text in canva

7. Optionally, you can change the color of the background element to ensure the vertical text is visible clearly and is highlighted in the design.

how do i make text vertical in canva

8. Now, the Canva design is ready with the vertical text box.

how do i line up text vertically in canva

The basic difference between the two methods we discussed above is how the vertical text is read.

In the first method, even the text inside the vertical text box is readable vertically. However, in the second method, though the text box is vertical, the text inside the text box is horizontal. So you can use any method based on how you want the text to be read.

When creating vertical text in Canva, it’s important to consider factors such as font size, spacing, and alignment.

Vertical text can be more challenging to read than horizontal text, so it’s important to choose a clear and readable font with adequate spacing between letters and lines.

It’s also important to properly align the text within the design to ensure it is balanced and visually appealing.

Overall, vertical text can be a powerful design element in Canva, allowing you to create unique, eye-catching designs that stand out.

By choosing the right method, you can easily incorporate vertical text into your Canva designs and take your designs to the next level.

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