How to Justify Text in Canva?

Justify text is an important feature in Canva that allows users to create professional-looking designs by evenly spacing out text within a paragraph.

This option can be used to make text look more organized, clean, and aligned, especially in situations where left- or right-aligned text does not fit the design.

Here is a quick and easy guide to justify text in Canva:

1. Open your Canva design with a text you want to justify or create a new design like the one we created for this tutorial.

how to justify text in canva

2. Once you have a design page with a text box, select it and click on the “Alignment” option at the top toolbar.

how to justify text on canva

3. Keep clicking the alignment option until you apply the justify alignment to the text.

how to justify text on canva

When text is justified in Canva, the spaces between words within a paragraph are automatically adjusted to fill the entire width of the text box, creating a clean and balanced appearance.

However, it’s important to note that text justification can also create uneven spacing between words (as seen in the above screenshot) and may make the text harder to read.

Therefore, it’s important to use this option with care and only when it enhances the overall design.

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