How to Find Copywriting Clients on Instagram?

Copywriting is an invaluable service for businesses, helping them to create engaging marketing material, website text, and more.

Instagram is a great platform for freelancers to find and connect with potential clients, and with the right approach, it’s possible to build a thriving freelance copywriting business online.

This blog post will explore how you can use Instagram to find copywriting clients and build a successful freelance copywriting business.

We’ll cover topics such as building your presence on Instagram, developing a strategy for finding clients, crafting the perfect profile, and using Instagram features to your advantage.

With the insights and advice in this blog post, you’ll be on your way to becoming a successful freelance copywriter with a solid client base. So, let’s get started on this journey and find out how to find copywriting clients on Instagram.

Research Potential Clients

Before you begin your search for copywriting clients on Instagram, it is important to research potential clients. Determine what type of copywriting services they may need, such as blog posts, website content, social media posts, etc.

Investigate what content their current and past clients have published, and note any patterns or trends. Research their current followers and competitors to create a targeted outreach strategy.

This research will help you to tailor your approach to the potential client and increase your chances of success.

Utilize Relevant Hashtags

When looking for copywriting clients on Instagram, it is important to utilize relevant hashtags. This will help you find people looking for copywriters and copywriting services.

For example, you can search for hashtags like #copywriting, #copywritingservices or #copywritersneeded to find people who are potentially looking for assistance.

You can also use hashtags relevant to the type of copywriting you specialize in, such as #techcopywriting, #legalcopywriting, or #webcopywriting. Utilizing relevant hashtags will help you find potential clients and increase your visibility among those looking for copywriting services.

Follow Relevant Accounts

Following relevant accounts to your copywriting business is one of the best ways to find potential clients on Instagram.

You should follow accounts related to copywriting, as well as accounts related to the industries you specialize in. This will help you stay up to date on industry trends and connect with potential clients.

Additionally, you should comment, like, and share content from these accounts to engage with them and build relationships. By engaging with relevant accounts, you are putting your work and services in front of potential clients and increasing the chances of finding copywriting clients on Instagram.

Interact with Potential Customers

One of the most effective ways to find copywriting clients on Instagram is to interact with potential customers. Reach out to people who fit the profile of your ideal customer and start engaging with them.

You can leave comments on their posts, like their photos, or even message them directly. Take the time to get to know them, understand their needs, and show confidence in your abilities.

Building relationships with potential customers is key to landing jobs and growing your client base.

Promote your Work

Once you have a portfolio of copywriting work, the next step is to promote your work on Instagram. Post snippets of your copywriting work on your page, and share them with other relevant accounts.

If your work is particularly successful, consider tagging the brands or influencers you worked with in your posts.

To fastrack, you can use Instagram Ads to target potential clients. Be sure to showcase your skills and track the success of your campaigns so you can display your expertise and capabilities.

Develop Relationships

Developing relationships is an essential element of finding copywriting clients on Instagram. Connect with potential clients by engaging with their posts and stories, commenting on their posts, liking their content, and sending direct messages.

You can also use hashtags to join conversations, collaborate with other professionals in the industry, and build relationships with influencers in your field.

Take advantage of Instagram’s tools, such as live broadcasts, polls, and Q&A stories to get to know potential clients better.

By building and nurturing relationships with your target audience, you will be able to identify the right people to work with and show them the value of your services.

Take Advantage of Instagram Ads

As mentioned previously, taking advantage of Instagram Ads is another great way to find copywriting clients. You can create advertisements for your services and target specific audiences based on interests, age, gender, location, and more.

This gives you the opportunity to reach potential clients who may not have otherwise seen your posts. Remember that you may need to invest some money upfront to get the most out of your campaigns, but the return on investment can be well worth it.

Use Instagram Stories

Using Instagram Stories is an effective way to engage with potential clients on Instagram. Not only does it allow you to tell your story, but it also helps your followers get to know you better.

You can use this platform to highlight your copywriting skills and services, share helpful tips and advice, and even offer discounts to followers.

You can also use the ‘Swipe Up’ feature to link to your website or other relevant content, making it easy for clients to find you and get in touch.

Monitor Engagement and Adjust Strategies as Necessary

Once you have your copywriting services listed with an appropriate call-to-action and have begun to build an audience of potential clients, it is important to monitor engagement.

Check the analytics on your posts to see which strategies are working and how people respond to your messaging. After analyzing the data, adjust your strategies to ensure your posts deliver the highest impact. This will help you target potential clients better, leading to more conversions.


Creating a presence on Instagram is a great way to find copywriting clients. Utilize the power of visuals to showcase your skills, connect with potential clients, and build relationships with influencers in your niche.

By using the right hashtags, stories, and captions, you can effectively draw attention to your work and increase your chances of finding success. With a little effort and creativity, you can easily make Instagram a powerful tool for finding copywriting clients.

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