How to Add Transitions in Canva?

Canva is a powerful graphic design tool that allows users to create stunning visuals for various purposes. One feature that makes Canva stand out is the transitions feature, which enables users to add eye-catching transitions to their design pages.

Transitions are an excellent way to add movement and interest to your designs, making them more engaging and memorable, especially for presentations. In this tutorial, we have explained step-by-step process to add transitions in Canva.

Step 1: To begin with, open a Canva design with multiple pages to which you wish to add transitions or create a new one. We used one of the DFY Carousel templates for this tutorial.

how to add transitions to canva

Step 2: Once the design is ready, click on the “Show pages” option, a small up arrow icon at the bottom of your Canva screen, as shown in the screenshot below.

how to add transitions to all slides canva

Step 3: You see the thumbnail of all the design pages at the bottom of the screen when you click the show pages option.

how to add transitions on canva

Step 4: Now, hover your mouse on one of the page’s thumbnails to see a three-dot option. Click on the three dots button to see a popup menu. Within the menu, you see an option called “Add transition“. You need to select it.

how to add transitions in canva video

Step 5: Alternately, you can also hover the mouse in between the page thumbnails to see a direct option called “Add transition” that is below the add page (“+”) button.

how to add transitions in canva presentation

Step 6: When you select the ‘Add transition’ option, you get a side panel with all the transitions available in Canva. Hover the mouse on any of the transition effects to see its preview, which might help you understand how the transition looks when applied to the design.

how to add transitions in canva

Step 7: We selected the “Colour Wipe” transition for this tutorial. As soon as you select a transition, you get more transition options related to the selected transition, like duration, direction, etc.

how to add transition in canva video

Customize them as per your needs. You also have the option to apply the same transition effect to all the pages. Also, observe the small icon between the page thumbnails indicating the type of transition you have used.

Step 8: For the transition between the second & third design pages, we have selected a different transition. Here you can observe that the options to customize the transition effect differ from the previous one. So this indicates that the transition customization options change as per the transition option you select.

how to add transition in canva presentation

Also, observe that the transition icon between the page thumbnail is also different.

Follow the above steps repeatedly if you wish to add different transitions to all the pages. Otherwise, you can apply the same transition effect to all the design pages to make them look professional & clean.

FAQs related to transition feature in Canva

How do you add transitions to a video?

Follow the steps we discussed in this tutorial to add transitions to a video, image or even a presentation.

How do I download a transition from the Canva presentation?

Click the “Share” option at the top right, scroll down and select “More“. Now you see multiple options to export the presentation categorized into Share, Social, Save, Messaging etc. Within the “Save” option, you have Microsoft PowerPoint as one of the options. Please select it and download the Canva presentation to use it for offline purposes.

how to add slide transitions in canva

Note: The transition effects won’t be applied to the presentation when you download it as Microsoft PowerPoint. If you want to use the transitions you have applied, download them as videos or GIFs or use the “Present” feature as part of the “Share” option.

Can I use transition in all Canva designs?

Yes, you can add transition effects in all types of designs in Canva, except in docs.


In conclusion, the transitions feature in Canva is a fantastic one for adding movement and interest to your designs.

The possibilities are endless with a wide range of transition effects to choose from and the ability to apply them to selected pages of your design.

So next time you create a design or presentation in Canva, consider adding some transitions to make it stand out even more.

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