How to Add Outline to Text in Canva?

Canva is a popular graphic design platform that offers a variety of tools to help users create stunning designs, including adding an outline to the text.

Adding an outline to a text in Canva is a simple and effective way to make the text stand out and enhance its visibility.

This tutorial explains the step-by-step process of creating an outline on text in Canva.

1. To add an outline to text in Canva, you can either open an existing design that has text or start with a blank canvas by selecting the “Create a design” option.

how to add an outline to text in canva

2. Once you are on the Canva design page, go to the left side panel and click on the “Text” option. From there, click the “Add a text box” button to create a text box on the canvas. You can increase the size of the text box by dragging its corners or alternately increase the font size using the options in the top toolbar.

how to add outline to text in canva

3. Type the text you want to add an outline to into the text box, and then choose a font style that you think will look good with an outline. It’s often a good idea to choose a bold font, as it will be more visible with the outline added.

how to add text outline in canva

4. Once your text box is set up, select it by clicking on it. Then, click on the “Effects” option in the top toolbar. A panel with several style options will appear on the left side of the screen. Look for the “Splice” style and click on it. This will add an outline to your text box.

how to make text outline in canva

5. After selecting the “Splice” style, you will see that the text box now has an outline around it. This is how the text will look with the outline applied.

how to outline a text box in canva

6. To customize the “Splice” style, look for the options in the left side panel under the “Splice” heading. Set the values of “Offset” and “Direction” to zero. This will change the appearance of the outline on the text box. The updated text box with the outline is in the screenshot below.

how to outline text box in canva

7. Once you have the outline applied, you can further customize the text by changing the color of the text or adjusting the thickness of the outline. Use the options in the left side panel to select a new color for the text, and then adjust the thickness of the outline as required. This will give you the final version of the text with an outline that you can use in your design.

how to outline text canva

At the time of publishing this tutorial, there was no option to change the outline color using the method discussed in this tutorial. So you can only change the color inside the text, not the text outline color.

Adding an outline to text in Canva is an easy way to make your designs more attractive and eye-catching.

Whether you’re creating social media graphics, flyers, or business cards, an outlined text can make all the difference.

With Canva’s easy-to-use interface and powerful tools, adding an outline to your text has never been easier.

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