How to Add Gradient to Text in Canva?

Adding a gradient effect to text in Canva is a great way to make your designs stand out and add visual interest. Though there is no direct feature in Canva to add a gradient to the text, we can add it using the method we discuss in this tutorial.

This workaround allows you to experiment with different gradient styles and colour combinations to create unique and eye-catching designs.

1. To begin with, open a design with a text to which you want to add a gradient or create a new design. For this tutorial, we have opened a new design page and added a text box with the text to which we want to add the gradient. Once the text is ready, we customize it using the toolbar on the top of the design canvas.

can you do gradient text in canva

2. Once your text is ready, go to the “Elements” section and search for the keyword “Tri colour gradient“. Now select the “Graphics” section to filter the search results. Select and add the square tri colour gradient to the design. Once you add the gradient, optionally, you can change the colours of the gradient square, as shown in the below screenshot.

can you make gradient text in canva

Note: In the search bar, you can also search for “Dual colour gradient” or “Gradient” if you wish to use a gradient with two colours or see all gradient elements available.

3. Go ahead and resize the gradient to that of the background size (1080*1080 in our tutorial), and change the colour of the text to white. Now select the text box, and apply the transparency in 45%-50% range.

how to add gradient text in canva

4. Download the design as a PNG image and upload it back to Canva, as shown below.

how to add gradient to text in canva
how to create gradient text in canva

5. Add a new page to your Canva design and add the uploaded design to the new page. Now select the image added, click on the “Edit image” option, and remove the image’s background.

how to do gradient text in canva

6. You may have to use a brush to erase or restore if the background removed is not proper. Once it is done, click “Apply” to finish removing the background of the image.

how to gradient text in canva

7. Once the background is removed, select the image and crop it to remove the unnecessary blank portion of the image. Then, click on the “Edit image” option and select the “See all” option available under the “Adjust” section of the side panel.

how to have gradient text in canva

8. Adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, and other parameters to restore the image to the original colours as that of the gradient colour.

how to make a gradient text in canva

9. Now, you have the text with a gradient applied as required.

how to make gradient text in canva

If you move the text image with gradient back to the previous design page, you can see that the text with gradient colours perfectly matches that of the original colours.

how to make my text gradient in canva

This verifies that you have successfully applied the gradient with the required colours to the text in your Canva design.

In conclusion, adding a gradient effect to text in Canva is a simple but lengthy process that can add visual interest to your designs. With a little bit of experimentation, you can create a unique and eye-catching design that’s sure to stand out.

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