Brand Hub: A New Feature from Canva

Canva, a popular graphic design platform, has recently launched an upgraded version of its “Brand Kit” feature, known as Brand Hub.

With this new feature, users can store not only their brand’s logos, fonts, and color palettes but also brand-specific photos, graphics, and icons.

Canva has also expanded its Brand Kit’s font styles feature to include more options such as Title, Subtitle, Section Header, Body, Quote, and Caption. This update provides designers with greater flexibility and customization options when creating brand specific designs.

The Brand Hub feature makes it easy for users to set up, manage, and grow their brand by consolidating all brand-related ingredients, assets, controls, and workflows in one central location. This centralized approach streamlines the design process and ensures consistency across all branded materials.

Canva Introduces Brand Hub

Additionally, users can add guidelines to help their team better understand how and when to use brand assets. This feature promotes brand awareness and ensures that the brand’s visual identity remains consistent.

Another helpful aspect of the Brand Hub is the ability to magically replace logos and images across existing designs with just a few clicks. This feature saves designers valuable time and effort when updating existing materials.

Lastly, the Brand Hub allows users to easily find all their brand assets from one place in the editor, making it quick and convenient to stay on-brand every time.

Here are 16 key features of the Brand Hub that can benefit any organization:

  1. Keep all your brand assets, including logos, colors, fonts, graphics, and guidelines, in one central location for easy access and management.
  2. Set brand controls to ensure your team stays on-brand and follows your guidelines.
  3. Design and share branded templates your team can use to quickly and easily create compelling content.
  4. Add guidelines to your Brand Kit to provide your team with clear instructions on how and when to use your brand assets.
  5. Organize your branding projects using Brand Folders so your team can easily find the needed assets.
  6. Use Template Assistant to check for formatting errors and ensure your templates are consistent and error-free.
  7. Create an organizational structure that works for your team and allows for seamless content management and collaboration.
  8. Build brand consistency by having all your assets in one place and easily accessible to your team.
  9. Empower your team to be brand builders and save time on repetitive design tasks.
  10. Pin your favorite, relevant, or most-used content by pinning folders to ensure you always quickly find what you need.
  11. Connect and collaborate with your team in real-time to ensure everyone is on board with managing your brand effectively.
  12. Keep your design approvals in Canva to manage how your brand appears worldwide.
  13. Quickly replace your logos and brand imagery across all your existing and new designs in just a few clicks.
  14. Seamlessly import files from other programs like PowerPoint, Adobe Photoshop, or PDFs to turn them into editable Canva designs.
  15. Save hours of design time with Magic Resize, an exclusive Canva Pro feature that instantly resizes your finished design for any platform.
  16. Easily integrate Canva with your existing platforms, such as Sharepoint, Slack, Google Drive, and more, for seamless workflow and productivity.

Overall, Canva’s Brand Hub is a game-changing feature for businesses and designers alike. It streamlines the design process and promotes consistency across all brand-related materials.

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