How to Add Hyperlink to Text in Canva?

Canva allows you to add hyperlinks to text in your designs, which can be a useful way to direct viewers to a website, social media page, or other online resource.

Adding hyperlinks to text in Canva is a simple and effective way to make your designs interactive and engaging. Utilizing this feature helps you to display ugly & long URLs into an attractive & clickable buttons (CTAs).

The best part? This feature is available even in the free version of the Canva design tool. So everyone can utilize this feature to make the designs look professional.

Follow the steps explained below to add hyperlink to any text in your Canva design.

1. Open a blank design page or an existing design based on your requirement.

how do you link text to website in canva

2. For this tutorial, we have used one of the DFY Canva templates related to “Online Shopping” that is available in Canva.

how to add link to line of text in canva

3. Once your design is ready, and has at least one text box in it, you need to select the text box to which you need to add the hyperlink. In this template shown below, we have selected the text box “ORDER NOW”.

Once you select the text box, click on the ‘three dots‘ that are available at the top menu bar. You now will get a few more option in a popup kind of options bar as seen in the below screenshot. Select the “Link” option from the options bar.

how to link text fields on canva

4. In the next step, you will be asked to insert the URL (hyperlink) in a box. Here you need to enter the desired hyperlink and then click on “Done” option to save the hyperlink.

In the URL bar, you can even search for one of your Canva designs and use it as hyperlink. This completes adding a hyperlink to a text box in Canva.

can you hyperlink text in canva

Note: It is important to know that the hyperlink will be active and will be clickable only when you export the design as PDF or share the design template as a “View-only” link. If you export the design as JPG or PNG, then the URL won’t be clickable.

Hope this short tutorial helped you discover how to add a link to a line of text in your Canva design.

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